Aline rarely does small……
When she began her Communications career she went GLOBAL, and being Aline, her greatest campaigns to be, were all for Love and Peace. Pretty cool, ya?

As Creative Director, Aline has been personally responsible for the nature by which these peace campaigns, as well as the many others graced by her interest, were communicated to and thus received by, the public World. Some of those for whom she created were, UNICEF, PENGON for World Development, US Aid, LWF Department for World Services, YM/WCA & the UNDP.

Upon entering Canada, Aline, taking full advantage of her naturally innovative entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with her fabulously Creative Mind, opened ArtWave Design, and put her Graphic Design and Advertising Wit to work for her here, with such companies as, Brickenden Speakers Bureau, Geneva Centre for Autism, aWEARness Canada & Designs By Naomi.  
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