Aline began her artistic career as a child amongst the ancient runes of Jerusalem, exploring the naturally existing, creative wonders of her environment.

As Aline matured and honed her skills towards a unified vision of self, she courageously expanded her field of stimulus and inspiration across the Atlantic. Aline had Vision guiding her, as she began her University studies in New York. She studied the Fine Arts, and was amongst the Lead Thespians in the University’s publicly attended Theatrical Presentations.

Mind you, Vision she has always had…..
Before Aline ever had the opportunity to think about University, let alone apply or attend, a professor of hers from High School, who happened to be the head of the Art Department, recognized her innate talents. This same professor entered Aline into an International University level competition, for Visual Artists {painters}. Aline, the youngest of the competitors, was recognized and subsequently chosen as the Winning Recipient of this prestigious award, from the Cambridge University of London.

When Aline did cross the Atlantic to attend University, she went on to graduate, with honours, from Elmira College, earning a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Multi-Media Communications. A degree by the way, Aline actually spearheaded into Existence. Isn’t she amazing!!!!

Upon her return home, Aline participated in one of the single largest musical peace festivals in Israel, under the Loving direction of Master Arnie Lawrence. Arnie Lawrence, legendary Jazz pioneering educator and founder of "The New School Jazz Program", personally requested Aline's unbelievable vocals for this most worthy cause, through his "Blues for Peace". Aline went on to host the only English program for the international radio station, “The Voice of Love & Peace”. All this, whilst working full time as a Creative Director and creating her first Artistic Collections in both the Visual and Vocal Arts. Aline’s premiere musical CD, and collection of paintings & sketches, “Journey to Soul”, were both showcased to enthusiastic audiences, upon her arrival in Canada, in 2003.

When asked, Aline has described her work as, Soulful, regardless of form. An Intuit, Sensitive, Philosopher, our Shamaness Aline works ‘naturally’, inspired by energies, lovingly received.
Through her expressions of Visual and Vocal, Aline is gifted the ability to transform the Vision of Soul’s Compassionate Loving Eyes, to physical realization, a Gft in honour of All, thee, you, me, We, ALL.

Her courage to reveal, her tenacity to remain TRUE to Self, and the wonderfully gifted talents of her BEingness, bless WE the Beauty as seen, heard, interpreted, expressed, painted, performed, and serenaded, through the Soul of our lovely, Alina.

Soul’s is very proud to have on display, Aline’s Visual collection, “Journey to Soul”. Pieces from this collection are available for sale, at Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary.

Aline is available for commissioned works, both of the visual and vocal expressions. For further information, please call Soul’s directly, 647-439-3837.

Samples of Aline’s Artistry will be made available online soon!