Her personal legend is one of an Ontological nature, a pleasure satiated on behalf of the Whole, and thus gifting All, through enticing compilations of word.

As Roni welcomed the recognition of her Personal Legend, in opening herself to release her Illusory Fears, and Embrace Self, by accepting Love from Within Self, she was Blessed the Awareness of her unique Gifted tools.

Paying homage to her Soul’s beckoning, Roni chose to be in the NOW, and to,

Lovingly dedicate her Self, life, and BEingness to
Radiate her Soul’s Light.

Roni found herself openly sharing her experiences, her sacred Soul Writing, with ALL, whom, the pathway, did they seek.

As smoothly natural as enlightenment can be, those blessed Angels, with whom she shared her Self Enlightening Insights, were themselves, inspired to walk their own Journeys, into the Awareness of their Radiant Souls.

A Healing of Ego through Freedom of Soul, Roni, an Ontological Philosopher by BEing, has thus, always been, even when unconsciously, open to her Gifts of Intuitive Wisdom and ExtraSensory Awareness. In so BEing, Roni was blessed a Gift Offering for ALL of We, writ humbly, created for OUR Inspired Realization....

Roni’s first Literary compilation, Radiate Soul Light”©, as well as two Activity Guidebooks, for YOU, for whom “Radiate Soul Light” © manifested her realization.

A True Renaissance woman, Roni has writ Literary Harmonies for all Communication modalities, in the framework of a vast variety of genres. This includes all that is Corporate and Artistic, and sometimes, when truly blessed, a composite of both.

Her Adaptability coupled with her Intuitive Wisdom has given Roni the ability to Write as easily for an Artistic Magazine, as she does Lyrics for a Musical Composition. She is as skilled at producing an Artistic Media Package as she is, a corporation’s Annual Strategy Report.

Roni, your “Ideas woman”, continues to offer her services within the literary domain, providing freelance creations for all situations.
Whether you are getting married, seeking inspired words of LOVE, or sending in your Resume & Cover Letter to land that dream job, or Expanding Your Empire, seeking to Inspire Positive regard & warm welcoming from the Public, Roni’s expertise is available for YOU.

Radiate Soul Light © and her Guidebooks, will be made available for purchase through Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary. We will keep you erudite.