Levon Ohannessian, Scientist of Nature’s Healing for the Ailments of
Being, specializes in healing chronic, incurable, and terminal
illnessess. Some of these include Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis,
Crohns Disease, Epilepsy
& Brain imbalances. Levon also,
develops Personalized Remedies of Nature & Being
Specific Toxic Cleansing Formulas.
Harmonics Healing services are priced on a “per/Being”
basis. Remote Healings ARE Available

§ Join us as we JOURNEY
into our next
Playshop Session {12wks}

When you prepay for your Playshop experience, we are
honored to gift you 20% of your toral.

Radiate Soul Light: Serenity through Soul

§ Sensual Soul Playshop: The Beauty of Being

Community Soul Touch Playshop

§ Singles Seeking Soul: Singles Communicate

Kids Creative Discovery in the Enchanted Garden Jhanu

§ Artist's Harmony Community: Alternating Circle Vibrations

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Wisdom Soul's Talking Brain