From the breadth of the ALL was Roni gifted her greatest Universal gift, Zion Alleister Lipstein-Saffer, to whom blessed appreciation is showered, for Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary’s inspired manifestation.

Soul’s was first conceptualized by Zion’s mom, in her first adventures across the ocean, in 1991, renewed in vibrance, upon his very own conception in 1994, and subsequently motivated to realization in 2000, through the experience of HE, WE, Zion and Mommy.

Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary was the ideal answer for this fantabulous duo, providing at once every aspect of Roni’s Personal Legend, especially the most predominant, a loving, secure, home, complete with a full spectrum of positively enhancing, socially encompassing, educational experiences, for her son, Zion.

Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary is perfect for cultivating our Earth School’s future Souls of Intelligent Love.
She provides the basis through which children may come to explore, learn of, and love them SELves. Children discover their own inner beauties, and their magnificent creative powers therein. In so doing, children are better equipped to appreciate and enjoy the beauties of All they find around them, from children to adults, animals to plants, our Earth School to her cosmos of Universal Family members.

It is thus, our “Children’s Director”, Zion Alleister Lipstein-Saffer, has come to BE. Zion, whose innocent intelligence and creativity provide the {for we, who may have since lost our own in the forest of memories}, direction, input and inspiration to ensure developing programs, Playshops, services & products we provide, are rightly appropriate for our most special of Soul’s community members, our Children’s Corner.

Blessed Be,
All of We
within the Gifted spirit
of Children’s Play & BEingness TRUE,
Zion Alleister Lipstein-Saffer.